New Iberia Chimpanzees Update

The remaining 61 “government-owned” chimpanzees slated to be retired from the New Iberia Research Center are going to have to wait until September before they are finally moved to their new home at Chimp Haven in Keithville, LA.

What’s Next for the Government’s Chimpanzees?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has taken another big step toward bringing an end to the use of chimpanzees in vivisection experiments. The NIH’s Council of Councils has approved a plan to retire most of the 451 government-”owned” chimpanzees still in research labs and send them to sanctuaries. The chimpanzees are not quite home [...]

PBS Asks: Should We Still Have Chimpanzees in Laboratories?


There are no other animals quite like them, except us. They share 99 percent of our DNA, and it shows. They scheme, plot and fight. They care for their babies, and they grieve their dead.

Bob Barker to Chimpanzees: "Come on Down!"

Bob Barker with Chimp Haven president Linda Brent Last year, he donated $380,000 for a new habitat at Chimp Haven. And last week, the irrepressible Bob Barker flew down to the sanctuary in Louisiana to cut the ribbon — or rather to pick up the microphone and call out to five newly arrived chimpanzees: “Come [...]