Update: Tommy

Photo Credit: Chris Hegedus

Photo Credit: Chris Hegedus

We have just learned that Tommy—one of the four captive chimpanzees on whose behalf we first filed suit in New York State in Dec. 2013—was moved some months ago to a roadside zoo in Michigan.

Our legal team is investigating the situation and weighing all our options to get Tommy to Save the Chimps sanctuary where, for the first time in his almost 30 years of life in captivity, his right to bodily liberty can finally be respected.

Previously Tommy was imprisoned alone in a cage on a used trailer lot in Gloversville, NY.

That Tommy can be moved around in this way only underscores how completely vulnerable chimpanzees—and all other nonhuman animals—are to human interests when they’re considered merely legal things.

Please stay tuned for updates.

For more on Tommy’s case, visit his Court Cases page.

6 Responses to “Update: Tommy”
  1. Margaret M. Davison says:

    It is so sad that these beings are treated as inanimate objects! It makes me angry to think they are so close to us genetically, and yet they have no rights. This simply has to change!

  2. Joanne J Webb says:

    Dear Tommy. What a brave being he is in enduring all that he has. Thank you for your tenacity and all the good work you’re doing. We are right behind you!!

  3. Judy Hayden says:

    Thank you for helping these defenseless creatures that God has given this world. They deserves to live a comfortable happy life.

  4. Pat P. says:

    The objectification of animals and their vulnerability to human whim often disgusts, shocks and outrages me. Although I have a strong affinity for ALL animals, not surprisingly, the more a species resembles us in intelligence(?), emotional and behavioral responses, the more sympathy and empathy I will have for them–no matter their appearance, likeability, population numbers or conservation efforts.

    I cry for their suffering, especially, at the hands of cruel humans, and hope the day will arrive, when we become a more evolved compassionate species, demanding humane treatment, appreciation and respect toward ALL animals, beginning with primates, yet, importantly, including our sentient farm animals. Maybe then, we will even become kinder and more decent toward other humans.

  5. Millie Carson says:

    What humans seem to forget, or are too ignorant to see, is that the same “spark of life” in us, is the same one that abides in animals!!! It’s the same one in all of us!!!

    • Adam Steinberg says:

      That same ‘spark of life’ or awareness sums it all up- now if we can only get over ourselves and respect ALL life

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