Details of Lawsuit Filed re. Chimpanzees in NY State

On Monday December 2, the Nonhuman Rights Project filed the first in a series of lawsuits on behalf of chimpanzees in New York State.

* Details of the suits are here.
* The official press release is here.
* Legal documents and court filings are here.
* Bios on the four chimpanzees are here.

For interviews and more information, please go here.

3 Responses to “Details of Lawsuit Filed re. Chimpanzees in NY State”
  1. dr alex simonson says:

    So utterly sad but predictable that these early battles would be lost to judges who have yet to see that inherent simplicity and obviousness of the universality of basic rights to senscient beings. Granting rights merely for what seems plainly obvious today – for different colors of humans – took more than a hundred years in this nation. But a spark of change has come across the world recently so I can only hope that the obviousness I see and this organization is fighting for will spread and usher in a new era.

    • Michael Mountain says:

      In fact, the outcomes in trial court were the best we could have expected. Lower court judges are unlikely to take the first step in a case that’s as novel as this. We chose New York State precisely because it has an automatic right of appeal, and it’s at the state level, then, that we really want to get the first solid ruling. Later today we’ll be able to post the transcript of Fulton County hearing. You can see how his questions ensure that the key points we want to make on appeal are clearly on the record … and then he wishes us luck as it goes to appeal!

  2. Destinataire: 19 Décembre 2013
    New York State Court of Appeals
    20 Eagle Street
    Albany, New York 12207

    Ladies and Misters the Honours
    Throughout the world, we call for the release of Chimpanzees at a minimum, and to recognize the right to be alive to the fullest. Chimpanzees are not objects.
    We, the signatories of the petition, we support the legal fight of Nonhuman Rights Project.
    Acknowledge these four chimpanzees their “freedom of movement” and order their release in one of the refuges of the Alliance of primate sanctuaries in North America, so they can live “among their own in a world as close as possible to the wild. ”
    We believe, us we have signed the petition, in just your humanity.
    Thank you to consider international support for the release of these Chimpanzees at a minimum, and the recognition of their right to living beings. The United States is the country of democracy and freedom, show us an example.
    My Respects,
    Joseph Magrino
    Place du Château,
    83630 Baudinard sur Verdon
    PS : Address our petition:étitions/tribunal-de-johnstown-etat-de-new-york-et-la-cour-suprême-des-états-unis-la-justice-américaine-doit-déterminer-que-les-chimpanzés-et-les-primates-sont-des-personnes?share_id=qgzGARiaAg&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition
    Letter with acknowledgment of receipt