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The Nonhuman Rights Project is the only organization working toward actual LEGAL rights for members of species other than our own.

Our mission is to change the common law status of at least some nonhuman animals from mere “things,” which lack the capacity to possess any legal right, to “persons,” who possess such fundamental rights as bodily integrity and bodily liberty, and those other legal rights to which evolving standards of morality, scientific discovery, and human experience entitle them.

Our first cases were filed in December 2013, and this year we will file as many suits as we have funds available. Your support of this work is deeply appreciated.


Chimpanzee Eyes Demonstrate Empathy

Research has revealed that chimpanzees share an evolutionary trait only previously seen in humans, the ability to empathize with other chimpanzees by duplicating their pupil size. Scientists believe that the involuntary matching of another individual’s pupil size reinforces social bonds and ultimately aids in a species’ survival. As published in Plos One, scientists from the [...]

Chimpanzee Game Theory

It was chimpanzees versus humans. The game was simple. And it turns out chimpanzees absolutely smash humans when playing face-to-face game-theory computer games. In fact, the chimpanzees came close to equilibrium prediction levels – accurately predicting the correct answer statistically every time.

Appeals Court Sets Date for First Chimpanzee Lawsuit

Tommy the chimpanzee is headed back to court. He won’t be there in person, but the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) is appealing a December ruling of a lower court that denied him the legal right to “bodily liberty.” (Setting of new precedents is generally left to the higher courts.) You’ll recall that Tommy is one [...]

Steven Wise & Stephen Colbert

Here’s the video from The Colbert Report last night. All great fun, with Colbert, in classic form as the blowhard fundamentalist, telling Wise that “animals are animals, humans are humans, and never the twain shall meet, READ YOUR BIBLE!”

Appellate Court Enters Two Orders re. Tommy Lawsuit

The State of New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department has entered two orders that favor the Nonhuman Rights Project in Tommy’s case.

A ‘Dictionary’ of Chimpanzee Sign Language

Stand aside, Noah Webster. A new study has just created a “dictionary” for chimpanzee sign language. As published in Current Biology, scientists from the University of St. Andrews say they have “translated” the meanings of 66 distinct chimpanzee gestures. The scientists created the dictionary by studying 80 wild chimpanzees in Uganda. They examined over 4,500 [...]